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As an award-winning Adult Time Original Studio, Transfixed is a celebration of Adult’s most beautiful trans and cis female performers in highly stylized translesbian erotica episodes, as well as a portal to Adult Time’s best TS content, including full access to new projects like the story-driven series Transgressive Films, from the makers of Pure Taboo.

The site showcases trans girls and models with other women, including many of the top performers in adult porn, like Vanniall and Jamie French. The finest porn deals can be found at AdultDazzle. The action is equal parts erotic and explicit, with a cinematic opening that naturally transitions into a sexual encounter. You won’t see anything like this anywhere else so get your Transfixed discount membership deal today. Join now!

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Transfixed Highlights

  • Best trans porn on the web
  • Updated 8+ times per day
  • Access to 55,000+ videos
  • Exclusive original features
  • Over 300 channels to choose from
  • Transfixed deal is available on AdultDazzle

About Transfixed Deal & Discount

Transfixed discount stands as a distinct departure from the usual upstart trans porn sites, showcasing a unique identity that sets it apart. Serving as the premier transgender site within the expansive Adult Time network, Transfixed deal introduces a remarkable perspective on transgender relationships. Its distinguishing feature lies in the pairing of transgender models with cisgender female counterparts, all of whom rank among the industry's foremost pornstars.

The scenes within Transfixed discount, though not heavily plot-driven, possess a captivating storyline. The meticulous attention to detail shines throughout – from the choice of locations to the precision of camera work and the finesse of post-production editing. With a collection of over 75 scenes presently available and an ongoing addition of 3-4 new scenes monthly, the variety is rich. While some scenes are organized into series such as "Being Trans 24/7," "Transgressive Films," and "Muses," the majority stand as standalone gems.

The outstanding quality of Transfixed discount becomes evident, as showcased by the compelling trailers. The platform embraces classic cinema-style scenes, marked by impeccable lighting and sound, a touch of erotica with soft edges, well-crafted sets, and, undoubtedly, exceptional models. The natural chemistry between performers is a notable highlight, enhancing the authenticity of the content. Of course let’s not forget the sex including deep throating, rimming and pussy licking.

Distinguished as an award-winning Adult Time Original Studio, Transfixed discount emerges as a vibrant celebration of the most captivating trans and cis female performers within the realm of highly stylized translesbian erotica episodes. Beyond this, it serves as a gateway to the finest TS content offered by Adult Time, presenting comprehensive access to innovative endeavors like the narrative-driven series "Transgressive Films" – an offering from the creators of Pure Taboo. Additionally, projects such as "Accidental Gangbang," which showcases trans videos, and "Being Trans," are part of this rich tapestry.

At Transfixed deal, the platform proudly highlights the collaborations between trans stars and other women, forging connections with numerous luminaries within the adult entertainment sphere. Esteemed figures like Vanniall and Jamie French are among the remarkable performers featured. The content seamlessly blends erotic allure with explicit intimacy, drawing viewers into a cinematic opening that fluidly evolves into a captivating sexual encounter. There are also some other excellent offers, including the BBCParadise discount.

Subscription with Transfixed discount

Within the realm of Adult Time, individuals are invited to embark on an unparalleled journey into entertainment, with a myriad of offerings designed to cater to their desires. Transfixed discount presents an impressive array of features that promise an experience beyond compare.

Experience a constant stream of excitement with 8+ updates per day, ensuring a continuous infusion of new content throughout each day. This porn platform grants access to a vast collection of Over 60,000 videos, ensuring a diverse selection that suits individual preferences. Exclusive Original Features provide a distinctive touch, crafted to satisfy unique desires.

Choosing from Over 400 Channels offers a personalized viewing experience, allowing individuals to tailor their engagement based on their interests. Compatibility with Interactive Sex Toys further enhances the experience, enabling users to control sensations and immerse themselves fully. The concept of personalization is taken to the next level, as the platform offers a Tailored Experience that makes each moment uniquely meaningful.

Transfixed discount breaks language barriers by offering Original Content Subtitled In 7 Languages, enabling individuals to engage regardless of their linguistic background. With 24/7 Customer & Technical Support, users can rest assured that assistance is just a click away.

Transfixed Offer

Transfixed's versatility is evident through its compatibility with a range of devices, including Mobile, Desktop, TV, and Tablet. Furthermore, it extends its reach by being available on Firetv and Chromecast, bringing its world directly into living rooms. For a virtual dimension, users can directly Stream VR Videos From Their Headset, adding an extra layer of immersion.

The myriad of possibilities that Adult Time provides ensures that each individual's experience is tailored to their preferences, offering an unparalleled journey into the realm of translesbian and trans sex..

The Transfixed deal Experience

Transfixed discount prides itself on delivering an exceptional user experience that often surpasses what's offered by other porn sites of a similar scale. With an array of thoughtfully designed features, it ensures that browsing through its content is a seamless and enjoyable journey.

At the core of the browsing experience is a fundamental search function, which is complemented by a robust and extensive filtering tool. This tool empowers users to narrow down their search precisely, using a plethora of criteria such as categories (gangbangs, lesbian porn, translesbian sex) , an extensive range of tags, channels, subtitle languages, video quality, scene duration, pornstar, or any combination that suits their preferences.

This comprehensive approach of Transfixed discount extends not only to videos and pictures but also to the model index, catering to every aspect of a user's interests. Moreover, the platform is notably inclusive, offering options that span across various sexual orientations, including straight, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and gay. Some other great deals are available such as 21Naturals discount.

Engagement and interaction form a significant part of the platform's appeal. Users can actively participate by rating scenes, leaving insightful comments, responding to fellow members' feedback, and curating a personal list of favorites. The interface also allows users to explore a broad spectrum of performers across the network, or alternatively, to delve deeper into the cast of a specific channel. This includes the option to narrow down performers by categories like transgirls, cis women, or men. The innovative "Following" feature stands out, enabling users to stay informed about their favorite performer's upcoming scenes and contributing to an enhanced ranking system that recognizes performer popularity.

The porn platform’s video player interface is designed with user convenience in mind. It offers a filmstrip navigation feature that intuitively allows users to navigate through scenes. Additionally, the Transfixed discount platform has gone the extra mile by providing closed captions for many scenes, catering to a diverse audience that spans multiple languages. These subtitles are available in not just English, but also in six other languages, including Spanish and French. Users are also equipped with practical tools to cast content to different devices or even adjust the playback speed according to their preferences.

For users of Transfixed deal opting for paid downloads, it's important to be aware that there exists a technical download limit in place. This limit is set notably high at 300GB per day, a threshold that the average user is unlikely to surpass. To put it into perspective, this equates to the capacity to store approximately 40-60 Ultra HD movies or even more if you opt for HD or Full HD quality, all without reaching the limit.

In summary, the platform's dedication to a user-centric experience is evident in every facet of its design. From effortless browsing and advanced filtering to engagement features, diverse orientation options, and convenient playback tools, it endeavors to provide a well-rounded and immersive environment for users to explore, enjoy, and connect with its content.

For future subscribers who are already fans of transgender porn, Transfixed discount offers a collection of transporn that has not been done before. It pairs transgender models with cis porn stars offering some of the best porn available on the internet today.

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