World Famous Sex Clubs

Sex clubs, also known as swinger clubs or lifestyle clubs, are venues where adults can engage in sexual activities with other consenting adults. These clubs often cater to people interested in various forms of non-monogamous relationships or those looking to explore different sexual experiences in a safe and controlled environment. The activities at these clubs can range widely, from more social, dance-party-like environments with areas dedicated to sexual activity, to more explicit sexual encounters.

Here are some common characteristics of sex clubs:

Membership and Entry: Most sex clubs require membership and typically have a vetting process to ensure that attendees meet certain criteria and understand the club's rules and etiquette. This process may include an application, and sometimes an interview, to maintain safety and discretion.

Rules and Consent: Clear rules regarding consent and respectful behavior are paramount in these environments. Clubs often enforce strict guidelines to ensure that all interactions are consensual and that members feel safe and respected.

Themes and Events: Many sex clubs host themed nights or special events to cater to various preferences and fantasies. These themes can range from masquerade balls to more specific fetish nights.

Privacy and Discretion: Discretion is key in these settings. Many clubs have strict policies to protect the identities of their members, including banning cameras and recording devices.

Facilities: The facilities might include bars, dance floors, lounges, and more private areas specifically designed for sexual activities. These might include rooms with various themes and equipment tailored to different sexual interests.

Sex clubs can vary greatly in terms of the sexual openness they cater to, from relatively tame environments where sex may occur but isn't the sole focus, to more dedicated spaces where sexual activity is the main attraction. These clubs often aim to provide a safe, inclusive, and consensual environment for exploring sexual desires and fantasies.

Kit Kat Club - Berlin

In contemporary terms, the Kit Kat Club in Berlin refers to a famous nightclub known for its liberal, inclusive atmosphere and vibrant electronic music scene. This modern incarnation of the Kit Kat Club, established in 1994 by Austrian pornographic filmmaker Simon Thaur and his partner Kirsten Krüger, draws inspiration from the hedonistic spirit portrayed in the fictional Kit Kat Club from the musical Cabaret.

Kit Kat Club Berlin

The club is renowned for its uninhibited and eclectic parties that often emphasize fetish, BDSM, and other alternative lifestyles, promoting a strong ethos of body positivity and freedom of expression. The dress code at the Kit Kat Club is anything but conventional, encouraging patrons to wear outfits that range from latex and leather to more creative and outrageous costumes. The music mainly revolves around techno, trance, and other electronic genres, setting the tone for energetic and often wild nights.

The Kit Kat Club has become a staple of Berlin's nightlife and is emblematic of the city's open-minded and avant-garde cultural scene. It is also known for its welcoming stance towards all genders and sexual orientations, making it a popular destination within the LGBTQ+ community and among those seeking an immersive, boundary-pushing night out in one of Europe's most dynamic cities.

Club Berghain - Berlin

Berghain is one of the most famous and exclusive nightclubs in Berlin, known worldwide for its techno music and distinct club culture. Located in a former power plant in Friedrichshain, near the border with Kreuzberg, Berghain, as we know it today, was established in 2004, yet its origins trace back to the early 1990s. During what was a conservative era in Berlin, founders Michael Teufele and Norbert Thormann spearheaded an audacious underground event called "Snax." This party combined groundbreaking techno music with a celebration of gay sexual liberation, reminiscent of the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Gaga Berghain Berlin

The club is also famous for its strict and mysterious door policy, administered by the well-known bouncer, Sven Marquardt. The criteria for entry are not publicly disclosed, which adds to the club’s mystique and allure. Those who do gain entry find a vast, cavernous space with an atmosphere that ranges from intensely vibrant on the dance floors to more chilled in spaces like the Panorama Bar, a space within Berghain known for its slightly more relaxed vibe and panoramic views of Berlin.

The club is it is as famous for its door policy as for its sex and drug binges at parties that run from Friday night to Monday afternoon. There are even special “dark rooms” downstairs where couples have very explicit sex — to a soundtrack of bullet-hard techno beats. Meanwhile upstairs on the main dancefloor, male and female performers — naked apart from the odd slice of bondage leather — dangle in cages attached to the ceiling or gyrate on podiums.

Berghain is not just a nightclub but also a cultural icon, reflective of Berlin's post-reunification freedom and its status as a sanctuary for the alternative. The club's reputation is enhanced by its association with the Berlin electronic music scene and its progressive social values, including an open approach to sexuality and identity.


Snctm is an American establishment that combines elements of a nightclub and a sex club. It was founded in 2013 by Damon Lawner in the affluent neighborhood of Beverly Hills, California. The club draws significant inspiration from the film Eyes Wide Shut, as reflected in its atmosphere and the exclusive experiences it offers.


Reputed to be the world’s most exclusive sex club, Snctm provides an environment where discretion and luxury are paramount. Membership and participation in events are highly selective. Prospective members must go through a rigorous application process, which includes submitting photographs and completing a detailed application to ensure alignment with the club’s standards and privacy requirements.

Events at Snctm are opulent black-tie masquerade parties, adding a layer of intrigue and sophistication. Dress codes are strictly enforced to maintain the ambiance and exclusivity of the gatherings: male guests are required to wear tuxedos, while female attendees adorn themselves in lingerie or elegant cocktail dresses. These events are designed not just for socializing but to explore deeper, more intimate interactions in a safe and luxurious setting, making Snctm a unique fixture in the nightlife of Beverly Hills, New York and formerly Moscow.

Les Chandelles - Paris

A sex club in Paris, France, must embody style, intrigue, and sophistication. Les Chandelles excels in meeting these criteria. Its guest list boasts well-known figures, including celebrities and politicians, such as the former finance minister of France, Dominique Strauss Kahn. The club's dress code reflects a high social standing and an emphasis on aesthetic appeal.

Les Chandelles, Paris

Beyond the fine china and elegant chandeliers that adorn its interiors, Les Chandelles offers experiences that are both exclusive and exhilarating. The club is known for its meticulously vetted, safe, and discreet erotic gatherings, ensuring that members can enjoy themselves without concerns about safety or health.

Membership demands certain aesthetic standards. Men are required to wear suits, maintaining the club’s atmosphere of refinement. Women, expected to wear high heels and skirts, contribute to the allure and elegance of the setting—until the moment calls for less attire. This adherence to dress not only enhances the ambiance but also sets the stage for the night’s liberating experiences.

Killing Kittens - London and beyond

Killing Kittens stands out as one of London's premier sex clubs, known for its affluent membership base of swingers who value sexual liberation and entertainment. The club operates not just in London but has expanded its exclusive swinger parties across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Hong Kong, making it a well-recognized name in the realm of elite sex clubs.

Les Chandelles, Paris

Membership pricing is surprisingly reasonable for its status. The most exclusive membership tier costs approximately $1,997, providing access to their sought-after parties. Membership is open to individuals and couples, with options to sign up as a man, woman, or couple.

This club is essentially a network of like-minded individuals, particularly focusing on empowering women within the community, who are often playfully referred to as the "new kittens." Female applicants are subject to a rigorous vetting process, ensuring a safe and consensual environment. Currently, Killing Kittens boasts over 100,000 members, reflecting its widespread popularity and the public attention it garners.