Getting To Know Angela White

Who is Angela White?

Angela Gabrielle White, an Australian director and actress in adult films, has been honored with inductions into the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame. In 2020, she notably became the first woman to receive the AVN Female Performer of the Year award for the third time.

When did she know she wanted to get into the porn business?

From an early age, she was fascinated by sex and sexuality, often sneaking to secluded corners of her primary school library to pore over cartoon diagrams of sexual intercourse in books like "Where Did I Come From?"

As she experimented with both boys and girls during their high school years, she quickly faced harsh labels and judgments from their peers. At age 14 she discovered pornography which showed her that having multiple partners of different genders is a thing to be celebrated not criticized. It was in that minute that she decided that porn was for her.

Angela White Evil Angel Scene

When did she actually start acting in porn films?

At 18 years old, Angela became the first Australian model to work with The Score Group in the US. Her initial pornographic scenes were compiled by Score into a film dedicated to her, titled “A Day with Angela White” (2003).

Is Angela White well known in the porn industry?

Angela White has graced numerous publications both locally and internationally. She has appeared in many Australian magazines, prominently featured as a cover girl and centerfold for The Picture and in Australian Penthouse.

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Her international success is even more extensive, having been published in over 100 magazine editions across North America, Europe, and Japan with titles like Voluptuous, Score, Juggs, Bachelor, among others. Angela's performances have earned her multiple awards. In 2007, she was named “Model of the Year” by Voluptuous Magazine.

Her recognition continued to grow when, in 2009, she was listed as one of Score’s “Top Ten Models of the Decade.” Her debut in the hardcore DVD "Angela White Finally Fucks”

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She has earned considerable acclaim within the adult entertainment industry, with The Daily Beast notably dubbing her "The Meryl Streep of Porn" due to her exceptional acting skills and the depth she brings to her roles. Beyond her acclaimed performances, she has also capitalized on the digital revolution in content creation. She operates one of the world's largest OnlyFans accounts, where she engages directly with fans through exclusive content. This platform has become a significant source of income, allowing her to earn millions of dollars each year solely from subscriber fees.

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Speaking of Only Fans, how does Angela feel about the platform?

White champions the use of controlled paywalls like OnlyFans for distributing adult content, citing its robust industry protocols and compliance measures that help protect against the exploitation risks associated with free, user-generated content sites. The emergence of OnlyFans was especially critical during the pandemic when it offered sex workers a crucial means of earning an income as traditional pornographic production came to a halt.

"OnlyFans was a lifeline for sex workers," White stated, emphasizing its role during the pandemic when physical distancing requirements shut down much of the industry. "Especially for those in the porn industry, where the impossibility of maintaining a six-foot distance made traditional shoots nonviable. Although some joke about overcoming the distance, it's not feasible for most," she added with a hint of humor.

Angela White Evil Angel Scene

White continued, explaining the benefits of the platform: "With the industry at a standstill, OnlyFans provided a valuable opportunity for performers to work from the safety of their homes. They were able to engage with fans, create solo content, and make custom videos, which helped them sustain themselves during the extended downtime."

Not your average porn model.

In 2008, Angela dedicated a year to studying at the esteemed Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, commonly known as Sciences Po, located in Paris, France. This experience enriched her academic perspective and ignited a passion for learning that has endured. She often reflects on her time at the institute and harbors aspirations to return to academia to pursue a PhD. Angela's dream of advancing her education demonstrates her commitment to expanding her knowledge and expertise beyond her current professional endeavors.

She once ran for office….

Fiona Patten, the leader of the Australian Sex Party, asked her to run for office. At that time, a Greens candidate named Kathleen Maltzahn was campaigning for the seat of Richmond with a platform that included anti-sex work policies, advocating for the closure of brothels in Melbourne. Sex workers have consistently argued that shutting down brothels makes their work more dangerous and drives the industry underground. This was particularly concerning because Maltzahn, a self-identified feminist, was supporting measures that would ultimately endanger women.

Motivated by these concerns, she decided to join the campaign, not with the primary goal of winning the seat but to highlight the potential risks posed by Maltzahn's policies. Her objective was to divert votes from Maltzahn to prevent her from winning. Ultimately, this strategy proved successful, as Maltzahn did not secure the seat.

When did she become a Fleshlight girl?

In October 2014, White entered into a distribution agreement with Girlfriends Films to release her films. During the same month, Fleshlight, a company known for its male masturbation products, announced White as their latest Fleshlight Girl. She became the first Australian to earn this distinction.

Angela White believes that her success is a collaboration.

"Film production is perhaps the most collaborative art form, so even though the trophy says Female Performer of the Year with her name on it, she could never have won it without the incredible projects and teams she was part of," White explained. She recognized the efforts of the directors she worked with, who were instrumental in her growth as a performer, acknowledging the often unseen work that goes into supporting and enhancing her brand.

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"You are only as strong as your weakest link. For her to stand on this stage, it takes a village; it requires everyone to perform at their best," she added, emphasizing the collective effort needed for success.

How does Angela feel about sexism in the porn industry?

White acknowledges the progress made in recent years but notes that challenges persist for women in the porn industry. The public has become more aware of pornography due to increased media exposure, yet it often remains pigeonholed into clichés. Despite these obstacles, she points out a positive shift: "With the rise of platforms like OnlyFans, adult entertainment seems to be gaining a bit more normalization," she observes. This change, however, hasn't fully mitigated the issue of women facing slut-shaming for expressing their sexuality on their own terms.

How does Angela feel about the porn industry’s drug use?

She conducted qualitative research into the experiences of women in the Australian pornography industry and her findings challenged the common assumption that porn performers are drug addicts or deficient in any way.

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In many cases, she discovered that the reality of working in porn is quite mundane, contrary to the sensationalist stories often favored by the media. Despite her study's insights, she noted that such research still struggles to dismantle the persistent stereotypes.

What is the wildest things she has done?

Definitely falling in love! She describes it as wild, a crazy ride. She believes that falling in love is the wildest thing anyone can ever experience. The thing about falling in love, she notes, is that it's beyond one's control. That's why it's so chaotic; there's literally no way of stopping it, no way of controlling where it goes or with whom one falls in love. To her, it's an insane experience.

Does Angela White like anal?

Absolutely. According to Angela it's an entirely different sensation, and she is always eager to explore every sensation possible. Thus, she finds that anal play is particularly enjoyable with larger toys and dicks.

What is her favorite scene to shoot?

She loves all sex-Gonzo scenes because they provide her with the opportunity to truly connect with her on-screen partner. These scenes allow her to create genuine passion and chemistry, engaging with the other person as she would if the cameras weren't rolling.

Is her relationship fetish based?

She isn't currently in that situation, but she's definitely open to the possibility. It really depends on the person and the circumstances. She's open to exploring different experiences, so if she met someone who was also willing to embrace that kind of lifestyle, she would be open to pursuing it with them.