Furry Fetish What Are They

Furry Fetish

The furry fetish, also known as "furry fandom," is a subculture and fetish community centered around anthropomorphic animal characters. Participants, known as "furries," are individuals who are drawn to and have an interest in these anthropomorphic creatures, which possess both human and animal traits. These characters can range from traditional animal-human hybrids to entirely fictional and fantastical creatures.

“This section introduces the furry fandom, a subculture fascinated by anthropomorphic animal characters.”

The furry fandom encompasses a wide range of activities and interests, including:

Art: Many furries are artists who create and appreciate artwork featuring anthropomorphic characters.

Role-Playing: Some furries engage in role-playing as their chosen furry characters, either online or at conventions.

Costuming: Furries often create and wear elaborate costumes, known as "fursuits," to represent their chosen characters at conventions and events.


Online Communities: There are numerous online forums, social media groups, and websites dedicated to furry culture, where furries can connect and share their interests.

Conventions: Furry conventions are gatherings where enthusiasts come together to celebrate their shared interests, showcase artwork, and socialize in person.

What are furries:

Sure, let's dive a little deeper into the world of furries, where whimsy meets fandom. At first glance, the notion of being a fan of anthropomorphic animals might raise an eyebrow or two. But if you think about it, it's not all that different from other passionate fan communities. Just as Trekkies adore all things Star Trek, sports fans live and breathe for their teams, and bookworms geek out over fantasy series like Harry Potter, furries have their own niche.

“It dives deeper into the world of furries, comparing their passion to other fandoms.”

So, what's the deal with these anthropomorphic aficionados? Well, they're all about characters that bridge the gap between the animal kingdom and human society. Picture animals that talk, strut around on two legs, and partake in everyday human activities. It's a delightful blend of the familiar and the fantastical.

Now, before you dismiss this as quirky or peculiar, consider this: many of us grew up watching classics like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. We devoured books like "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" and "Charlotte's Web." These stories, while intended for children, have a timeless charm that transcends age. We pass them down to our own kids and, let's be honest, secretly relish the nostalgia.

In a world where lightsabers and wizardry have captivated the hearts of adults and children alike, why should animated animals be any different? So, don your favorite fur-covered persona or wave your wand, because in the realm of fandom, age is just a number, and the joy of shared enthusiasm knows no bounds!

Let's talk demographics in the furry universe – it's like a twist on your typical geek scene! Picture this: a bunch of mostly white guys in their teens to mid-twenties, rocking above-average grades (yep, half of them are college material), geeking out over computers, science, video games, and all things sci-fi, fantasy, and anime. So far, so familiar, right?


But here's where things get interestingly different. Furries aren't your run-of-the-mill crowd. They've got an LGBTQ flair that's off the charts. Like, they're seven times more likely to be transgender and five times more likely to veer off the hetero path compared to the regular folks out there.

Now, you might wonder how this all fits together. Well, think of the furry fandom as a melting pot of inclusivity. These folks don't just talk the talk; they walk the walk. Being welcoming and non-judgmental? It's practically their second nature. So, when it comes to embracing uniqueness, furries take the cake – or should we say, they take the furry paw!

Do furries believe they are their fursonas?

So, among furries, about one in three isn't feeling 100 percent human. Some of them (around 8 to 14 percent) mean this in a "I've got paws" kinda way. The rest? Well, they're not fully human in their minds or spirits. In fact, a whopping 38 to 53 percent of them dream of being 0 percent human, if they had the chance!

Now, furries with a furry-fied identity are cool cats, but when they dive headfirst into the non-human pool, they go by the name "otherkin." Therians, on the other paw, are like the real deal – they identify with actual Earth species, mostly wolves. It's like a wolfpack party in their heads!

“Discusses how some furries deeply identify with their fursonas, even feeling non-human.”

Some folks even think there's a "Species Identity Disorder" at play here, sorta like "Gender Identity Disorder" for trans folks. But hold your horses (or wolves), because not everyone's buying that analogy – some say it's more confusing than enlightening.

Furry misconceptions

Let's dig deeper into the curious world of furry misconceptions, where reality often gets a comedic twist. It's as if the media has a knack for turning furries into tabloid superheroes! But let's set the record straight.

“This part addresses common misunderstandings about the furry community.”

One of the juiciest misconceptions is that furries are all about fetishistic fursuit frolics. Well, here's the scoop: while around 20 percent of furries do indulge in the delightful art of costuming, it's not about getting their tails in a twist. It's more like a grand performance, a burst of self-expression, or just an excuse to unleash their inner critter – no secret squirrel stuff here!


Now, brace yourself for this gem: some folks think furries believe they're animals trapped in human bodies. Nope, that's not their gig. That's a whole different furry friend group called Therians, who swear they've got wolf spirits rattling around in their human shells. But your average furry? They're fully human and proud of it, just with a soft spot for media where animals do human things.

So, whether they're creating furry art, diving into furry-themed games, or hanging out with fellow enthusiasts, furries are all about celebrating their unique interests. It's like a wild and woolly party where the main rule is to have a fur-tastic time!

What are Fursonas?

Fursonas are like the ultimate furry alter egos, and nearly every furry has one. We're talking high 90s here, like 97 or 98 percent!

So, what's a fursona all about? Well, it's like choosing your spirit animal, but with a furry twist. You can go classic with real animals or dive into the mythical realm – the sky's the limit! Your fursona gets a name, and voilà, you've got an instant furry avatar.

“It explains the concept of fursonas, the furry alter egos.”

Now, the thing is, fursonas can be as simple as a cute online mascot, or they can be deep and meaningful creations that inspire art and stories. It's like having your furry sidekick in the digital world. So, whether you're just being adorably fluffy or diving into a furry masterpiece, your fursona is your ticket to furry fame!

What are Therians?

Hold onto your tails, folks! Therians are like the true animal whisperers of the human world. These folks genuinely believe they're spiritually or psychologically connected to non-human animals. Yep, you heard it right – they're channeling their inner critters.

“Focuses on Therians, individuals who identify with non-human animals on a spiritual or psychological level.”

Picture this: Therians feel an epic bond with a specific animal species, like wolves or big cats. They're like the Dr. Dolittles of the identity realm, thinking they're more lion-hearted than human. Some even engage in mystical rituals to strengthen their critter connection.

Now, don't go diagnosing them with jungle fever – this isn't a medical condition. It's a quirky belief system and subculture. While some might toss in "otherkin" as well (those folks feel connected to all sorts of non-human stuff), therianthropy is all about the animal kingdom.

So, remember, when you meet a Therian, they're not just having a furry fantasy – they're having a wild time being one with the animals!

What about Bronies?

We're diving into the colorful world of bronies – fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Now, originally, bronies were the dudes who couldn't resist the magic of ponies, but nowadays, it's a big ol' rainbow of fans.

“This section explores the relationship between furries and bronies, fans of My Little Pony.”

So, what's the deal? Well, bronies and furries have something in common – they're all about animals doing human-like stuff. Imagine furries as the big, fuzzy cousins of bronies. Surprisingly, about a quarter of furries admit they're secretly bronies too! It's like a crossover episode of your favorite cartoons.


But here's where it gets spicy: not all furries are pony pals. Some say bronies are like a quirky branch of the furry tree, while others think they're just distant relatives. And believe it or not, there's even some furry drama. Some furries give bronies the side-eye, while others are cool with the whole pony parade.

What's super interesting is that, apart from their fandom flavors, furries and bronies are like peas in a pod. There are hardly any differences in who they are, except for the shows they adore. So, whether you're into fur, feathers, or friendship lessons from magical ponies, it's all just a wacky world of fandom fun!

Furry Demographics

So, surveys reveal that furries are mostly dudes and they're rocking the rainbow with their LGBTQ+ vibes. Plus, they're like the "Young and the Furry" because they tend to be in their mid-20s – basically the pups of fandom.

"Provides demographic insights into the furry community."

Now, at furry conventions, it's a bit of a sausage fest, with about 80 percent being guys, both in-person and online. They've got a mix of beliefs too, from atheist to agnostic, with a sprinkle of Christian, Pagan, Wiccan, and some "other" cosmic choices.

Oh, and the fur crowd isn't raising a furry family anytime soon – just 3.8 percent have kiddos. They're not making stacks of cash either, but they sure lean to the left politically.

But here's the real scoop: when it comes to who they love, furries are all over the map. Less than 30 percent are exclusively into the opposite sex. And, last but not least, at Anthrocon, it's like a snowstorm – nearly 90 percent of them identify as white.