Dan Dangler Twitch Star Turned Award Winning Adult Film Actress


Adult performer Dan Dangler has achieved a significant milestone in her career, securing her first adult porn industry award at the 6th Annual Pornhub Awards. Held at the iconic Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles, this prestigious event celebrates achievements across the adult entertainment industry, bringing together a range of performers, directors, and producers. Dangler was honored with the Favorite Newcomer award, an accolade that highlights her impact and success in her debut year.

In her acceptance speech, Dangler expressed deep gratitude, stating, "Wow, this is incredible! I wouldn't have been nominated without my fans searching, clicking, and liking my videos on Pornhub. Now, their unwavering support through voting has led me to victory. I’m so thankful to have such amazing fans! I’m honored to win this award!" This recognition underscores her ability to connect with audiences and create content that resonates with viewers, securing her a dedicated fanbase.

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The award not only acknowledges Dangler's individual achievements but also reflects her contribution to the evolving adult entertainment industry. The support from her fans, both in terms of engaging with her content and voting for her, demonstrates the integral role audiences play in the success of performers. The Favorite Newcomer award serves as a testament to Dangler's talent, hard work, and ability to engage and entertain, marking her as a rising star with a promising future ahead.

Dangler's success at the Pornhub Awards is indicative of her growing presence in the porn industry, as she continues to establish herself as a significant performer. The recognition from her peers and fans alike signifies her ability to deliver compelling performances and build meaningful connections, further solidifying her status. This milestone sets the stage for Dangler to continue making strides in her career, contributing to the adult entertainment industry in diverse and impactful ways.

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But wait this is not where Dan Dangler got her start, before she entered the adult entertainment industry under the stage name Dan Dangler, Danyell Lanza was born on November 5, 1995, in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up in the suburban neighborhoods of metro Detroit, she enjoyed a comfortable upbringing with her two older brothers, who sparked her love for video games. Reflecting on her childhood, Lanza recalls following her brothers in various pursuits, from sports to video games, cultivating her passion for gaming early on.

Lanza’s affinity for video games has been a constant throughout her life. She reminisces about playing Nintendo 64 classics with her brothers, including "Yoshi's Story" and "Super Smash Bros.," before transitioning to what she describes as more mature games. This transition introduced her to the online multiplayer component of gaming, which resonated deeply with her curiosity and outgoing nature. The virtual world allowed her social side to shine, paving the way for her eventual career as a streamer who connects with others in similar ways.

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Before delving into content creation, Lanza worked as a model, which helped her build an influencer-style following on Instagram. This initial taste of virtual connection ignited a desire to further engage with people online. Eventually, Lanza grew tired of the modeling world and began hosting "Just Chatting" makeup live streams. Over time, she cultivated a strong enough audience to transition into gaming streams and a variety of content.

Lanza's transition into streaming was successful, with her strong social media following quickly propelling her to stardom on Twitch. Under the handle "TheDanDangler," she gained recognition for streaming "Call of Duty" and has since amassed over 605,000 followers on the platform.

Navigating Twitch as a female content creator, however, has not been without its challenges. Lanza has faced unique forms of harassment and difficulties networking with other creators, complicating her journey through the Twitch environment. Yet, she has not let these obstacles hinder her or impact her community. Lanza has cultivated a welcoming space where anyone from any corner of the internet can escape to and enjoy her bubbly disposition.

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Today, her community engages with her content, ranging from "Call of Duty" streams to cooking segments and IRL-style leisure streams. This diverse content lineup reflects Lanza's multifaceted interests, providing her followers with a variety of engaging material. Through her streaming and content creation, Lanza has successfully built a supportive and inclusive community, offering entertainment and a sense of connection to her audience.

Under her alias "The Dan Dangler," Danyell Lanza has found remarkable success on the Twitch platform, establishing herself as a professional gamer and content creator. Her engaging streams and dynamic personality have helped her build a substantial following, making her a recognized figure in the gaming community.

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Lanza's success has attracted sponsorship deals from notable brands, including G FUEL and HyperX. These partnerships reflect her prominence in the gaming industry, with G FUEL being a prominent energy drink brand popular among gamers, and HyperX a well-known provider of gaming peripherals.

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You may wonder how this beautiful, brown-eyed blonde gamer transitioned into the adult entertainment industry, ultimately becoming an award-winning star. Danyell Lanza, also known as "The Dan Dangler," captivated many with her curvaceous figure, standing at 5'4" and weighing 108 pounds, with measurements of 34-24-35 and a bra/cup size of 34E. While her physical appeal is undeniable, Lanza's journey into the adult world was motivated by more than just her appearance.

An animal lover at heart, Lanza revealed that her entry into the adult industry was primarily driven by a desire to raise money for a shelter for unwanted pets. Initially, she resisted the idea due to concerns about societal judgment, but eventually realized that her reluctance was based on the opinions of others rather than her own feelings.

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Despite her success as a Twitch streamer, Lanza observed that several of her contemporaries had opened highly lucrative OnlyFans profiles, prompting her to reconsider her stance. She reflected, “I said, ‘No, no, I'm never gonna have one…’ but then I started to think, ‘Why am I saying that?’ and realized it was because people in my life were very judgmental. I decided, ‘You know what, fuck that.’”

Lanza went on to say, “It's my life, so why was I taking other people's opinions into consideration when I'm being safe and all that stuff? So I thought, ‘Screw this,’ and opened my OnlyFans, and then it just spiraled.” As of April 2024, Danyell Lanza, has amassed a substantial online following across multiple platforms. Her dynamic personality and engaging content have garnered her 657,000 followers on Instagram, 533,600 followers on TikTok, 46,300 subscribers on YouTube, and 608,000 followers on her Twitch platform. This significant online presence reflects Lanza's ability to connect with diverse audiences through a variety of channels, from streaming and gaming to social media and video content.

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Beyond her successful career as a content creator and performer, Lanza continues to advocate for causes close to her heart, particularly raising funds for unwanted pets. She actively supports The Milo Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to animal rescue, adoption, and sanctuary. Through her platforms, Lanza urges her followers to support the foundation's mission, emphasizing the importance of caring for and rehoming abandoned animals.

Lanza's advocacy reflects her commitment to making a positive impact, leveraging her online presence to raise awareness and support for charitable causes. Her efforts in supporting The Milo Foundation demonstrate her dedication to giving back to the community, balancing her professional endeavors with meaningful contributions to animal welfare. This duality, combining her career achievements with philanthropic work, continues to define Lanza's multifaceted identity, resonating with her fans and followers across her various platforms.