Carmela Clutch Is MYLF's January 2024 MYLF of the Month

Who is Carmela Clutch?

Meet the fabulous Carmela Clutch, a vivacious former marketing maven who made a bold decision in 2019. After years of living life in the fast lane, burning the midnight oil for a grueling 100 hours a week, she realized it was high time for a change. At the tender age of 35, Carmela had dutifully followed the traditional American dream script. She earned her hard-earned degree and poured her heart and soul into her work, expecting the promised pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Yet, despite her relentless efforts, she found herself stuck in a dead-end job, struggling to make ends meet with an annual income barely scraping the $40,000 mark.

But Carmela wasn't one to be confined to the slow lane for long. With a burst of determination, she decided to rewrite her own story. She waved goodbye to the corporate grind and set out on a new journey. Armed with her wit, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, she embarked on a thrilling adventure towards financial independence and self-discovery.

“Carmela Clutch's transition from marketing to independence in the adult industry.”

Today, Carmela Clutch is not just a name but a symbol of resilience and audacity. Her story serves as a reminder that sometimes, you need to shift gears to find the road to success. With her infectious enthusiasm and tireless dedication, she's zooming down the highway of life, leaving a trail of inspiration in her wake.

Carmela Clutch found herself trapped in the corporate world, feeling like a misfit. It wasn't until a life-altering cancer diagnosis that she finally decided to break free. The tipping point was when her job denied her the much-needed time off for medical treatment.

Carmela Clutch Red Bikini

In pursuit of her new path, Carmela returned to her parents' home, where she brainstormed her next move. She briefly ventured into the world of medicine but soon realized it wasn't her true calling.

Carmela got her start in the adult industry when she took on a part-time job as a personal assistant to a content creator while preparing to join the Peace Corps. Her experiences in this role led her to discover a passion for traveling, meeting like-minded individuals, and exploring her sexuality within a supportive and secure environment, all while earning a living. She expresses her happiness and gratitude for this journey.

Initially, Carmela began her journey behind the scenes, assisting with photoshoots and shoot management. Unexpectedly, she transitioned into a leading role in adult films. Despite facing initial challenges and receiving lukewarm support from her biological family, her determination paid off, leading to success and independence.

“From corporate frustration to finding fulfillment and freedom in adult entertainment.”

She embarked on her adult film career with 'D&E Media Networks' and went on to collaborate with other studios like VNA Network, Team Skeet, and Many Vids. Carmela has also had the pleasure of working alongside renowned actresses such as Lilly Hall and Carmen Valentina. Nowadays, she connects with her fans by sharing videos and photos through her social media profiles on Instagram @carmela.clutch and Twitter @Carmela_Clutch.

Carmela Clutch has made her mark in the adult film industry with a diverse range of performances in various films and studios. Her sultry presence graced "8th Street Latinas 47" by Reality Kings, showcasing her appeal to a wide audience. She delved into the world of anal delights with "Anal Fabulous 2," a production by Le Wood Productions, demonstrating her versatility. Carmela also left a lasting impression with "Anal Only Auditions 2," produced by Anal Only, showcasing her captivating performances. In the fiery "Bang Tonight 2" and the tantalizing "FCK News 6," both under the Bang! studio, Carmela continued to captivate audiences. She pushed boundaries further in "My Big Ass Crush 4" by Raw Attack, "My Hot Horny Step-Aunt 3" from Manipulative Media, and "Roadside XXX 8" by Bang!. Her oral prowess was on full display in "Swallowed 45," a Swallowed production. Carmela's journey in the industry continued to evolve with her appearance in "Thick Ass Threesomes" by Bangbros, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in adult entertainment.

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While Carmela Clutch may not have secured any awards just yet, her growing presence and talent in the adult industry have garnered her multiple nominations, setting the stage for future recognition. In 2024, she earned nominations for the Fan Award categories of "Most Amazing Ass" and "Sexiest MILF," a testament to her appeal among fans. Additionally, her remarkable oral skills led to a nomination for the Urban X Award as "Orgasmic Oralist," a recognition shared with other talented performers. Carmela's star continues to rise, and with her dedication and passion, there's no doubt that awards and accolades will be on the horizon in the near future.

Having tasted success, financial freedom, and personal autonomy, Carmela firmly resolved never to return to the confines of a 9-5 job. Now enjoying a six-figure income and primarily working from home, she's gearing up to launch a merchandise line and expand her brand, with dreams of establishing a production house on the horizon.

Fun facts about Carmela Clutch

Carmela selected her own stage name. Originally named Caramela Clutch, she noticed that it proved challenging for most of her fans to pronounce, so she simplified it by dropping the "A." The nickname "Clutch" was bestowed upon her by her peers during her early days, as she consistently came through to save the day whenever situations got tough.

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Unfortunately Carmela’s family does not support her career in the porn industry. She considers a close-knit group of friends as her chosen family. These friends play a vital role in her life, providing a sense of stability and unwavering support during life's various challenges and successes.

Carmela's background in the dramatic arts occasionally influences her approach to filming. She believes that genuine chemistry and authentic moments often create the most compelling scenes, where performers don't need to act but can instead let their true emotions and pleasures shine through.

Carmela Clutch MrLuckyPOV Scene

Her educational background and college degrees, particularly in marketing and advertising, have proven to be a valuable asset in her career in the adult industry. While she didn't initially plan for this path, she recognized the potential and embraced it with intention. Interestingly, her marketing and advertising knowledge has been more relevant and utilized in her current career than in her previous corporate 9-to-5 jobs.

Carmela's favorite scenes to shoot are those where there's a natural chemistry between the performers, making the day on set enjoyable and effortless. As for preparation, she ensures that the connection between performers is genuine, contributing to a more enjoyable and authentic scene.

While there was a time when Carmela considered herself submissive in the bedroom, she no longer identifies as such.

Carmela envisions herself writing scripts and directing in the future, expressing a strong desire to explore these roles in the industry.

Carmela has a list of experiences she hopes to explore on camera in the future, including fan interactions, various sexual acts like anal, BBG, blowbangs, gangbangs, DP, and potentially TP, although the latter is not on the immediate horizon.

Carmela believes her best physical quality is her eyes, and she considers her best sexual talent to be in the realm of oral sex.

What studios does Carmela Clutch wish to work with in the future

For studios, Vixen, Blacked, Tushy, Slayed, more Brazzers and Reality Kings, Evil Angel, and Naughty America. For stars, Angela White, Phoenix Marie, Mick Blue, Roman Nomar, Tony Ribas, Manuel Ferrara, Vicky Chase, Asa Akira, Luna Star, Abella Danger, and many others.