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Bunny Madison has been named the MYLF of the Month, an accolade that highlights her standout performances and captivating presence in the industry. Known for her dynamic roles and charismatic on-screen persona, Bunny's recognition as MYLF of the Month underscores her popularity and appeal. This title not only celebrates her recent achievements but also signifies her influence and status within the adult entertainment community. Fans and newcomers alike are encouraged to explore her acclaimed work, which showcases a blend of talent and allure that has consistently captivated audiences.

Bunny Madison, hailing from Minnesota, is a standout MILF known for her striking green eyes and lustrous blonde hair. Boasting an impressive figure of 34DD-26-35, Bunny quickly became a fan favorite, amassing over 100,000 followers on Twitter. Her fans frequently praise her breathtaking performances and the high-quality content she shares nearly every day. On MYLF.com, Bunny has featured in over a dozen intensely captivating scenes, each showcasing her undeniable talent and allure. Bunny Madison, whose real name is Amanda Johnson, adopted her stage name to carve a distinct and memorable identity in the entertainment industry.

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Before embracing her career in the adult industry, Bunny Madison was a licensed esthetician and model originally from Minnesota. She moved to California a year ago, where she first delved into fetish modeling and established a presence on OnlyFans. The stage name she chose for her OnlyFans account was an old nickname, which resonated well and ultimately became her professional alias in the industry.

Bunny’s journey into more mainstream adult entertainment began when she was searching for the right representation. A close friend from the industry, recognizing her potential, recommended she consider joining the prestigious Spiegler Girls agency. After meeting with Mark Spiegler, she felt an immediate connection and knew it was the right fit. Joining the Spiegler Girls marked a significant step in her career, and she is profoundly grateful for the opportunities it has presented her.

“Bunny transitioned into the adult industry in 2021 after a successful stint in modeling.”

On her very first porn shoot, Bunny Madison felt a mix of nerves and excitement, which quickly shifted to enthusiasm once she received her call sheet and understood the day's schedule. In the industry, she admires several established performers, such as Adriana Chechik, Riley Reid, and Cherie DeVille, seeing them as role models for their strength and presence. Her excitement peaked when she was named an XRCO Heart-On Girl, marking her first industry event with a notable milestone.

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Describing her personal brand in adult entertainment, Bunny characterizes herself as the "pornstar next door," blending an innocent appearance with a surprising daringness. One of the things that has surprised her the most about the industry is the variety in each set and how every shooting day can be different depending on the company.

Among her favorite experiences, Bunny cherishes the anal scene she filmed for True Anal with Logan, highlighting it as one of her favorite performances due to Logan's exceptional skills and their great on-set chemistry. She also relishes using her favorite sex toys, including a glass dildo by Icicles and a clit suction toy by Lelo.

Working with director MimeFreak on Booty Movie Vol. 9 was another standout experience. Bunny found the director incredibly supportive and easy to work with, and the intense chemistry she shared with co-star Jax Slayher made it one of her most memorable days on set.

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Bunny Madison, an avid movie fan, particularly enjoys comedies like "Pineapple Express" and "Bridesmaids," along with any film starring Jason Statham, who she admires for obvious reasons. Looking ahead, she's excited about some of her upcoming projects, which include dynamic anal and group scenes that promise to showcase her versatility and passion.

When asked about her boundaries in the industry, Bunny is candid, acknowledging that while there’s often a price for everything, there are certain things she would never do on camera. Her advice to newcomers in the industry is straightforward: educate yourself thoroughly. She emphasizes the importance of researching agencies, websites, and companies, and being prepared for any situation on set.

In terms of personal tastes, Bunny currently enjoys R&B music, with artists like Ella Mai and H.E.R., finding their soothing tunes a perfect match for her downtime. A typical day in her life is rarely typical, filled with a variety of activities from hair and makeup sessions, shooting scenes or creating content, to running errands, editing, and managing her packed schedule. Her days also include beauty appointments, workouts, and managing her social media presence and OnlyFans account, keeping her both busy and engaged in her multifaceted career.

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Bunny Madison has received notable recognition at the Adult Video News (AVN) Awards, highlighting her rising star status within the industry. In 2023, she was nominated for two significant awards: Best New Starlet and the Fan Award for Hottest Newcomer, underscoring her immediate impact and appeal to audiences. Following up in 2024, Bunny continued to captivate fans and critics alike, earning a nomination for the Fan Award for Sexiest MILF. These nominations not only celebrate her performances and connection with the audience but also mark her as a standout talent in the adult entertainment landscape.

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Bunny Madison has quickly become a prolific figure in the adult film industry, appearing in 39 films thus far. Her portfolio includes a diverse array of titles that showcase her versatility as an actress. Among her notable works are "The Voyeur Volume 6" produced by Sweet Sinner, which highlights her ability to engage in complex emotional narratives. She also starred in "Mom's Teach Sex" by Nubile Films and XFC, which emphasizes educational yet titillating scenarios of Bunny as a mom where rather than being fed up with unskilled stepchildren trying to have sex she jumps in to show them how it’s done. Additionally, Bunny appeared in "Sinfully Sweet Mommy II" by MissaX, a film known for its playful and somewhat provocative storytelling. Another significant title in her career is "Sweet Sinner's Swinger Volume 8," where she showcases her ability to amuse audiences with her tongue in cheek acting ability. Each of these films demonstrates Bunny's range and commitment to her roles, contributing to her rising status in the industry.